Saturday, October 24, 2009

ToBo & HoBo's latest OBSESSION!

so this pic of kelsey has aboslutely nothing to do with what this post is about, it just makes me laugh...or your could say "Full of GLEE!" because she and I have become absolutely obsessed with the Fox tv show Glee. I first saw Glee when it premiered in the spring and had to wait until the fall for them to show the next episode! IT DROVE ME CRAZY! it was such a good show that i had to tell everyone about it. I bought the directors cut version of the first episode from Wal-Mart for $5 and shared it with Kylee and Kelsey. Now they both LOVE the show just as much as i do :)the show is basically about a glee club (show choir) that's formed by a bunch of random students in high school (a jock, a diva, a gay fashion guru, a wheelchair nerd, a goth/punk rock girl, and an obsessive broadway driven girl). the show is HILARIOUS and similar to high school musical, but WAAAAAYY better! and i think that the guy who plays the jock is a lot hotter than zac efron. kelsey and i have also determined that he is a better looking version of Cody. haha. and they all have better voices than the cast of high school musical. i think that everyone should watch this show because it's AWESOME!

"Cody, Cody, Cody. Ha. Ha. Ha." lol.

Friday, October 23, 2009

La Vida de ToBo

HOLA MI FRIOS!!! so since my blog experiences difficulties on everyone's computer BUT mine, i'll try my best to use this blog more often :)
So what has ToBo been up to lately...? I'll try and break it down using a few key topics.

SCHOOL: unfortunately i have already done or rather NOT done something that i'm going to regret NOT doing in high school. i took the PSAT's last year, but this year i got lazy and didn't sign up. DUMB MOVE. my parents are ordering a $200 ACT prep program for the computer so at least i'll be prepared for SOMETHING! besides that, i've been doing pretty well in school. 3.8 GPA. not too shabby. i'm going to be in the school production of Noises Off! It's a comedy and ... YOU KNOW ME! it's gonna be hilarious! tickets are $4 now and $5 at the door. the performance will be on Nov. 5 & 6! talk to me about buying tickets :)

DATING: i went on THE MOST FUN DATE EVER last week! The group was: Andrea-Jared DeAdder, Angela-David, Kelli Jenkins-Anand Zahan, Justin-Regina, Me-Tylon! We sent the guys on a scavenger hunt to "earn" their dates and prove themselves worthy of such beautiful and amazing young women.

here is tylon reading the first clue. it went something like "go to the avenue of dolphins where the swan swims on the red lake and convince the family to let you search their garage for something that you would use to build a fire. the next clue will be attached." they had to go to the Hofeling's house (swan swims on red lake...jacob's car! haha) meanwhile, we were across the street at Gina's house watching them search for FOREVER through the garage.


Finally the guys found a block of wood in the Hofeling's garage with the next clue with a grocery list of stuff to make smore's and of course FRESA! the money was inclosed in the envelope and we advised them to spend it wisely but to make sure to save a dollar for the next challenge.

Next they were instructed to go to the Dollar Store and buy something pretty an 8 year old girl would like (pretty much my little sister Shelbie helped us plan this thing and to pay her back we had the guys go get her something) We only expected them to get her one toy but each of them got her one. Needless to say, they COMPLETELY MADE THAT LITTLE GIRLS DAY! it was very sweet.

haha. so funny story. see that ugly lizard that Justin is holding. the guys originally handed Shelby that hideous thing and of course she politely accepted it but inside was thinking "What the crap is this thing?" then they all pulled out the cute stuffed animals and her face lit up.

here is Justin with another block of wood that had a clue.

next the boys had to go to the Teeple's house and perform "I'm a Little Teapot" unfortunately Taylor didn't know how to work the camera, so we don't have actual proof that they completed that challenge. Then Taylor gave them a puzzle to put together with a message on the back that only Tylon would understand. haha. Once Tylon texted us the message we told them to find us at Skyline Park and the rest of the night included:
-eating Hungry Howie's
-making Smore's
-playing Sardines
-getting in arguments over putting out our fire with little 10 year old girls. haha. Tylon went over and smoothed things over.
-roasting glowsticks (don't ask)
-watching Andrea get stuck on the monkey bars (unfortunately i don't have a pic of that but i've never seen anything like it and it's all Jared's fault! haha)

Ty kept messing with those scewers and cutting himself. i don't know what he was thinking. according to him, he was just trying to serenade me and play the drums with the screwers. my face says it all. hahaha.

Jared and Andrea had some sort of medieval duel with the screwers before we made the Smore's. As you can see, he won. It was Jared's first date!!! You could tell he had so much fun. I was very proud of Andrea and I for pulling that whole night together.


Til Next Time,

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Cougars' Corner!

So it may be totally dorky, but when I blog on Lovey Ladies I'm going to call it Cougars' Corner!! Since I am the only lonely cougar on this blog! But anyways....

This was me after my Biology midterm! Which may seem weird because I hate Bio tests! But I got a 92%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I just had to share with the world and show everyone how excited I am! :D
Also, I started my second block Aerobics class and its probably gonna kill me..... but its pretty fun! I mean its hard and she made us do supermans and like 12 push ups that I couldn;t really do.... but the hip hop and kickboxing was fun!! And hopefully I will be ripped and Hott stuff by the time I make it back to the good ol AZ! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

HoBo and ToBo go to the Ball Park!!

This was awhile ago but I thought I would share our awesome adventure!! So it all started with Tobie telling me about the two D Backs tickets, AND meet and great the players passes!, she got for volunteering at the hospital, and of course she couldn't leave me out!! So Saturday afternoon I picked her up and we drove to the light rail in high spirits! We got to the light rail, thanks to my SAFE driving skills, and bought our ride passes. After the confusion, we have never rode such a contraption, and we settled in our seats we were on out way to Chase Field! A group of guys sat next to us, one was extremely cute and nice!! And another was a total CRACK head!! He was THEE weirdest guy ever!! so anyways... we finally got to the field and before we knew it we were on our way to meet some of the players! Previously we made matching shirts so they could sign them, so that turned out awesome! During the game we ate TONS of yummy food! and had some crazy laughs! And not to mention that our seats were incredibly AWESOME!! They won the game!! We were sicked! But soooo tired! We were drifting off on the way home, talking nonsense... and laughing at the stupidest stuff! SUCKS FOR YOU!! We defiantly needed a little sugar so we stopped at Sonic on the way home to get some, making us back to our extremely hyper selves!! We had a GREAT TIME! I would never pass it up for anything!! Thanks ToBo for a night to remember!!The light Rail was a lot of fun, as you can see!
Our seats were right behind 1st base section 113, row 11
Our shirts we made, before they were signed

By KelseyRae

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fire Fire Fire!!!

So Samuel took apart his old big screen one day,
and found out he could burn things with what was inside it!!

We've caught
-A leaf
-A stick
-A tree
-His car
-Tried to catch his leg hairs on fire...didn't work :)
It was super fun!!

Here's a picture the huge magnifying thing from the TV and the burning stick!
By: Kylee

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Starting New!

Since were all going in separate directions lately we need to keep this
blog up and looking good! So from today on we will once again
be blogging! : )

Friday, April 17, 2009

Crazy girls getting ready for our daily TORTURE!!!

Every day we climb to the top of the HILTAIN!!!! We named it the Hiltain because we couldn't decide if it was a hill or mountain..... so we combined the two. Nikki isn't too pleased with the name, but too bad for her!! Someday we will get really BUFF and do it twice in ONE day!!! Today was Tobie's first time, she totally DIED!!! And she fell on her BUTT!!!!
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